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Simplifying Everyday Workflow.

RxScan Perpetual Inventory system complements existing processes while effectively utilizing key personnel. The streamlined user interface allows for end to end cloud based inventory management from receiving to patient dispense.

Right product.
Right place.
Right time.

Through integrated barcode scanning users are able to efficiently manage inventory across all storage locations down to the unit specific NDC number. RxScan PI is designed specifically to address the complex pharmacy materials management needs of medical and healthcare providers.

Inventory is Important, Take Time to Manage It Correctly.

A comprehensive view of all central pharmacy transactions through quality assurance reporting. The robust reports engine allows for unlimited access to data through a list of default reports which can be modified to meet specific needs.

The Power of a Collaborative Solution.

RxScan collaborates with leading vendors in EHR, Pharmacy Automation, and Wholesale Suppliers to provide an optimized solution for our clients.

Medical Clinic

A simple and easy to use system that meets Joint Commission requirements while effectively managing inventory including vaccines, drug samples and waste.


Receiving medications under a special Inventory Type allows for tracking throughout the lifecycle of the medication. The data from each inventory type can be filtered to provide detailed compliance reporting.

Hospital Pharmacy

RxScan’s Perpetual Inventory System was created specifically for the complex materials management challenges of Hospital Pharmacies and Cancer Centers.

Inventory Management Tailored to Your Workflow.

Controlling medication costs, vendor pricing, over-stock issues, and shortages are especially important in healthcare settings that require precision. Utilizing real-time, on-demand reports determines exactly how much money is tied up in inventory at any given time. Having access to this powerful data set will allow for the lean cost control processes of ordering, managing expiration dates and documenting waste. RxScan PI provides visibility of real time vendor pricing through multiple wholesale distributors. This results in more accurate and streamlined receiving processes. Full visibility of the inventory allows for best practices in processes such as transfers and loan/barrow to additional locations under the company’s umbrella allowing current inventory to be better utilized. RxScan PI minimizes shortages by using automatic order-level notifications, managing waste and cycle counting. Combining all of these day to day operations in an easy to use interface creates a comprehensive solution that solves real-life, everyday problems in the healthcare field.

How to Select the Right Inventory Control Solution for Your Business?

Start by answering these 3 questions:

1. What product types and quantities do I need to track?

RxScan PI tracks: medications, OTC, vaccines, compounds, repackaged medications, 340B, and VFC. Inventory is stored at lowest unit of measure with the options to display multiple package levels.

2. What features do I need to manage my inventory?

RxScan PI has a plethora of features that assist in efficiently managing any medication inventory regardless of its complexities. To schedule an interactive web demonstration, please contact a representative at (800) 572-2648.

3. What am I willing to pay for inventory control software?

Each client has specific needs. An RxScan sales representative will work with you to customize a quotation that meets your requirements while fitting into your budget.

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